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Announcing my score for the New VR Game “Torn”

I am pleased to announce my work scoring the spectacular VR game “Torn” by Aspyr Games. I recorded the score last October with LA’s finest musicians at the Fox Scoring Stage and the sound was gorgeous. Here’s the announcement video – music is from the score. Announcement video

Posted March 8, 2018

Session at Fox Newman Scoring Stage

Excited to announce that on Friday October 20th I will be recording the score for my latest VG project at Fox’s Newman Scoring Stage (my favorite place to record in LA/The World) with the best players in the world!

This will be the first orchestral game project I have recorded in my home town 3.5 years and really looking forward to it.

Much thanks to the AFM Local 47’s President John Acosta for working very closely with me and my agent Sarah Kovacs to make this happen. Thanks also to Ray Hair for approving all the details.

Posted October 13, 2017

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