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Today I was honored by the British Academy of Film and Television for Best Original Music for my Bioshock Infinite Score. I am deeply honored and grateful to the British Academy. Thank you! BAFTA IMG_20140416_103053833

BAFTA Awards Nomination & 2014 New York Video Game Critics Circle Awards

I am pleased and very grateful to announce that Wednesday I was nominated by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts for a BAFTA Award for my score for Bioshock Infinite.  

I was nominated along side some amazing scores by other gifted composers and I congratulate all of us for the extraordinary honor of the nomination. My sincere thanks to the Academy for this deeply appreciated nomination.

Additionally – The New York Video Game critics Circle Awards found my music for Bioshock Infinite worthy of their Best Music Award.

Thank you!

Garry Schyman

Bioshock Infinite Score wins D.I.C.E Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition

I would truly like to thank the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences for honoring me and my music last night at the DICE awards.   Winning Outstanding Achievement In Original Music Composition for a second time is humbling and I am very fortunate and appreciative of the honor.  I would like to also honor my colleagues who were also nominated in this category – they wrote wonderful scores and we were all winners last night.

Finally a composer for any medium other than the concert hall is but a partner who must work with talented and creative people who permit us to write music for the worlds they create.  In this instance I could not have a better partner than the extraordinarily talented people at Irrational Games.  They have permitted me to score two incredible games for them and it is only because of their creativity and encouragement that I was able to write the scores that won this award last night.  

A special thanks to Creative Director Ken Levine who makes dreams come true through his games!

And James Bonney and Patrick Balthrop who made the sound of Bioshock Infinite – incredible!

And of course the entire creative team at Irrational!  Thank you ALL!!!

Bioshock Infinite Score chosen as best soundtrack of 2013 By Game Trailers

My score for Bioshock Infinite was chosen by Game Trailers as the best soundtrack for a video game for 2013. The competition was amazing this past year with absolutely fantastic music by my peers. 

Thank you Game Trailers!

Thanks to everyone at Irrational Games for making such a fantastic and amazing game!