Video Games

  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Monolith Games/Warner Brothers
  • Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea parts 1 & 2 Irrational Games
  • The Bureau: Xcom Declassified 2K Games
  • Bioshock Infinite Irrational Games
  • Front Mission Evolved Square Enix/Double Helix
  • BioShock 2 2K Games
  • Dante’s Inferno Electronic Arts
  • Resistance: Retribution Sony
  • Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon THQ
  • BioShock Irrational Games/2K Games
  • Destroy All Humans! 2 Pandemic Studios/THQ
  • Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers Pandemic Studios
  • Destroy All Humans! Pandemic Studios/THQ
  • Voyeur (Cybermania Award, “Best Score”), Philips Interactive Media
  • Voyeur II Philips Interactive Media
  • Off World Interceptor Crystal Dynamics

Feature Films

  • Brush With Danger Indie Feature
  • Spooky House Paramount Pictures (Children’s Caper/Mystery)
  • Lost In Africa Brundidge Corporation (Action/Drama)
  • Judgement Crow Productions (Children’s Tragedy/Drama)
  • Horseplayer Relentless Productions (Artsy/Thriller)
  • The Last Hour Promark Entertainment (Action/Thriller)
  • Concrete War War Productions (Action/Drama)
  • Hit List Cinetel Films (Thriller/Drama)
  • Penitentiary III Cannon Films (Thriller/Drama)
  • Never Too Young To Die Steven Paul Productions (Sci-fi /Action)

Movies & Mini-Series for Television

  • Nightscream MOW (Murder Mystery), NBC
  • Robin Cook’s Mortal Fear MOW (Murder Mystery), NBC
  • Robin Cook’s Virus MOW (Murder Mystery), NBC
  • Robin Cook’s Terminal MOW (murder mystery), NBC
  • Deadly Invasion The Killer Bee Nightmare, MOW, FOX
  • Tradewinds 5 part mini-series (romantic/drama), NBC
  • Tornado MOW (thriller), FOX
  • Waiting For The Wind MOW (drama), NBC
  • Tale Of The Gold Monkey, mini-series (adventure) Universal Studios / ABC
  • Assassin MOW (action): CBS
  • Revenge Of The Nerds III: The Next Generation MOW (comedy), FOX
  • Revenge Of The Nerds IV: Nerds In Love MOW (comedy), FOX
  • Day Of Reckoning, MOW (action) Paramount / NBC
  • Piper’s Song 1 hr (family/drama) for Edgerton Productions
  • The First Valentine 1 hr. (romantic/drama) Envoy Productions / CBS

Television (Series)

  • Land’s End 1hr. prime time, (action) Buena Vista TV / UPN
  • Treasure Of Lost Creek 1/2 hr. (kids/adventure) Disney Television
  • Buck James 1hr. prime time, (western/adventure) Tri-Star
  • The Great Gondoli 1/2 hr. (children’s fantasy) NBC Productions / NBC
  • Rags To Riches 1hr. prime time (dramady) New World Television / NBC
  • This Is The Life 1/2 hr. (drama) Ammi Productions
  • Father Murphy 1hr. (western drama) Michael Landon Productions / ABC


  • Ringling Bros. Revealed; The Greatest Show On Earth Travel Channel
  • The Race To The Poles MPH Entertainment / TLC
  • The Murder Of Napoleon MPH Entertainment / TLC
  • Yeshua, 5-part series Ammi Productions / NBC