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GANG award nominations

I am very pleased to announce that two of my scores have been honored with multiple nominations by the Game Audio Network Guild today. This is a particular honor as the nominations are made by colleagues who themselves compose for the industry. 

I would like to thank Electronic Arts and 2K Games for trusting their projects to me and for the amazing creative collaboration they permitted. 

Bioshock 2 
Dante’s Inferno 

Bioshock 2 
Dante’s Inferno 

Dante’s Inferno 

“Dante’s Theme” – Dante’s Inferno 
“Redemption” – Dante’s Inferno 

Dante’s Inferno

BioShock 2 nominated for HMMA

My score for BioShock 2 was nominated yesterday By the Hollywood Music In Media Awards Committee for “Best Original Score for a Video Game”. I am grateful to those who nominated my music and to the many people at 2K Marin who made such an amazing game. My special appreciation goes out to the audio director Michael Kamper and creative director Jordan Thomas!

Sweden to premiere BioShock 2 suite

I have been invited to Sweden by the Malmo Symphony Orchestra to attend the world premier of a suite of my music from BioShock 2. Two cues from my Dante’s Infero score will be performned as well. The concert is to be held on May 21st and I am very much looking forward to my first visit to Sweden and, of course, to hearing the performance by this fine orchestra. 

I would like to thank the Malmo Symphony as well as the Malmo Music University for hosting my visit.

Dante’s Inferno and BioShock 2 are both available today

I am pleased to announce that two projects for which I provided scores are now out: Dante’s Inferno and BioShock 2 are both available today and I am very proud of both scores.

I am also please to say that reviewers and the developers I have worked with have been very generous in their reaction to my music in both.

A small sampling:
And some photos from the BioShock 2 session at scoringsessions.com

The Dante’s Inferno score is available on iTunes and Amazon MP3, and the BioShock 2 score is only available to those who buy the special edition of the game for now.