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BioShock’s Music and Audio Picked by TeamXbox as “Best of Show”

TeamXbox has picked BioShock’s music and audio as “Best of Show”!
“…BioShock was exactly that- a shocker to the editors who had a chance to witness its juxtaposed art styles, including the most photo-realistic water effects on the planet. The gameplay demo was just as freaky. Plasmid-induced player character seeks revenge on crawlers and other mutations out for the kill.

But it was the soundtrack of BioShock that got the most attention- at least at this stage of the game. Irrational is actually using audio clips as plot drivers instead of the tried-and-true but somewhat played out cut-scene cinematic. Couple the spooky, well-written dialogue with an equally riveting musical score, and the result is one of the most visceral experiences in console gaming coming at ya’ in the very near future.”

Team Xbox Interviews Garry

Team Xbox recently interviewed Garry
With the release of Destroy all Humans! just around the corner, we thought it would be an opportune time to learn a bit more about the 50s style sci-fi soundtrack that accompanies this unique title. We sat down with composer Garry Schyman (Voyeur, Voyeur II, Off World Interceptor), who gives us insight into retro movie soundtracks, writing music specifically for videogames, and working in accordance with Pandemic on Destroy all Humans!