Destroy All Humans Reviews Are Coming In


“…The game features a perfectly fitting score that plays it surprisingly straight (with a few exceptions, like the end credits music that is worth sitting through the credits for) with orchestral old school sci-fi film style music that perfectly compliments the action.”

“…At least the audio makes up for it, with appropriately spine-chilling music that could have come straight from a fifties movie.”

Xbox Advanced mn:

“…The music itself reeks of an old school B movie with flying saucers attached to strings and people running from a giant ant. It’s got the creepy music you’d expect from an old alien movie, fitting the game like a glove.”

PlayStation 2 Official Magazine-UK:

“Sound: 10/10 Brilliant B-Movie score.”


“…The mixture of melodramatic orchestral music with a heavy dose of Theremin is just perfect for what the game is going for.”

“…the music plays a major role in ensuring the atmosphere throughout the game is spot on. The dynamic soundtrack helps to build up a certain sense of tension when the action heats up.”