BioShock’s Music and Audio Picked by TeamXbox as “Best of Show”

TeamXbox has picked BioShock’s music and audio as “Best of Show”!

“…BioShock was exactly that- a shocker to the editors who had a chance to witness its juxtaposed art styles, including the most photo-realistic water effects on the planet. The gameplay demo was just as freaky. Plasmid-induced player character seeks revenge on crawlers and other mutations out for the kill.

But it was the soundtrack of BioShock that got the most attention- at least at this stage of the game. Irrational is actually using audio clips as plot drivers instead of the tried-and-true but somewhat played out cut-scene cinematic. Couple the spooky, well-written dialogue with an equally riveting musical score, and the result is one of the most visceral experiences in console gaming coming at ya’ in the very near future.”