Some Very Nice Reviews For Garry’s DAH2 Score

Music Mania

“The result is an amazingly crafted and resoundingly effective score that mimics, pays tribute to, and re-energizes the inventive clarity of 1960s horror scoring. There is still plenty of the 1950s style that defined the first DAH gamescore, but DAH2 is a little more progressive in its musical palette. and pervasive chords rage in colorful battle while other moments brood in reserved rage, biding its time. Tunguska Disguised harkens back to the impenetrable requiems of Akira Ifukubes Gojira scores, with their irrepressible sadness and funereal cadence. Moon Base Hunted, which closes the CD, is a brilliant amalgamation of Barry and Bernstein and Bernard Herrmann.

Film Music Monthly

“This score continues to offer up that homage to the music of 1960s sci-fi explored in the previous score. Furon Theme, the opening score cue, is just that updated sound most closely resembling a cross between a Barry Bond score mixed with the theremin-tinged Herrmann sci-fi sound with nods to North By Northwest and The Day the Earth Stood Still. One might also hear in the score tracks an extension of Elfmans music from Mars Attacks! (the Hollywood homage to 1950s sci-fi.) Bay City Disguised is like a cross between Schifrin and Goldsmith taking a page from Mission Impossible along the way. The result is still interesting if not at times amusing. This cue abruptly ends and sounds as if it continues in Bay City Hunted interrupted by the licensed material. The score is a fun companion to Giacchinos The Incredibles of which it is a kindred spirit in intent if not in compositional style.

Schymans music is really an exciting listening experience filled with engaging musical lines and accomplished and polished orchestration. All the things that separate the merely interesting from the above average are on display here. The music has rhythmic vitality that falls into the same category as Goldsmith, a wide harmonic palette and moves freely, though not distractedly, between its purely orchestral sound and the addition of electric guitars. The orchestration is also varied and superbly crafted”.


“ impressive score (once again from Garry Schyman) is perfectly in keeping with the 60s setting and the feeling of the game”.