“When Worlds Collide: Scoring for Film, TV and Video Games”

I will be part of a panel on January 16th discussing my work as a film, TV and game composer. Having worn all three hats I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with those attending the California Copyright Conference (CCC).

Description of event:
As video games become increasingly complex and engaging join us for an evening exploring the interesting crossover occurring in music for Film, Television and Video Games. Three esteemed composers who have worked in all three genres will discuss the differences and similarities in composing for these different media.

Three composers who have tons of credits in both games and film/tv…

Guest Speakers:

  • SHAWN CLEMENT (Open Season, The Sims, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, American Idol, Batman: Vengeance)
  • LAURA KARPMAN (Masters of Science Fiction, Taken, Everquest 2, Untold Legends Dark Kingdom)
  • GARRY SCHYMAN (Destroy All Humans 1 and 2, Full Spectrum Warrior Ten Hammers, BioShock, Mortal Fear, Spooky House).