Four recent reviews of my scores for Dante’s Inferno and BioShock

Four recent reviews of my scores for Dante’s Inferno and BioShock:

  • Square Enix Music 

    The score for BioShock marks one of the most satisfying matches of narrative and musical accompaniment in game history: the music successfully mirrors the game’s period setting, its location, its habitants, and its ambiguous history and what remains of it. Hitting all these marks, while producing a game soundtrack quite unlike any other, Schyman can lay claim to having composed a modern game score classic. 

  • Higher Plain Music 

    Technically stunning and flawless, the way it captures the essence of the otherworld is memorizing and is already vying for Higher Plain Music’s 2010 soundtrack of the year award. 

  • Square Enix Music 

    … it is one of the most intriguing and fascinating scores game music has produced in a while and shows how many more creative venues are still there to be explored by game composers who deploy orchestras to create their scores. … Schyman further cements his reputation as one of game music’s most interesting and innovative composers. 

  • G4TV 

    With this release, Schyman has definitely captured what he has described as “the scary, grotesque, beautiful and tortured sounds” of this game world. The orchestrations are big and pristinely recorded affairs, appropriate, as the scoring was done at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, played by the Philharmonia Orchestra with the Metro Voice, both of which are on excellent display…