BioShock Infinite getting rave reviews

BioShock Infinite is getting a 95 on Metacritic which is spectacular! Congrats to the whole team that worked on this amazing game Here are three new interviews I did on my work scoring Bioshock | |

Four recent reviews of my scores for Dante’s Inferno and BioShock

Four recent reviews of my scores for Dante’s Inferno and BioShock: Square Enix Music  The score for BioShock marks one of the most satisfying matches of narrative and musical accompaniment in game history: the music successfully mirrors the game’s period setting, its location, its habitants, and its ambiguous history and what remains of it. Hitting all these marks, while producing …

LA Times Article

Today there was a front-page story in the LA Times about video game music that I feature prominently in. I am very grateful to the reporter, Alex Pham of the LA Times, who took so much time to work on this piece.

Some Very Nice Reviews For Garry’s DAH2 Score

Music Mania “The result is an amazingly crafted and resoundingly effective score that mimics, pays tribute to, and re-energizes the inventive clarity of 1960s horror scoring. There is still plenty of the 1950s style that defined the first DAH gamescore, but DAH2 is a little more progressive in its musical palette. and pervasive chords rage in colorful battle while other …